Let's try and imagine an environment of meeting, research and study, where thoughts, ideas, projects, creative and analytic abilities are mixed with a thorough technical knowledge. An environment where ideas are free to move, can be shared and turned into greater solutions. Now, do stop fantasizing and start working with us. We do believe that an open mind helps ideas to be developed; however, we also think that this is not enough, that's why we created the "network of ideas": we want ideas to be developed and shared.
The network of ideas is not an abstraction, it is a professional model. Different opinions and points of view meet, thanks to the coming together of different types of expertise that may be found within the company and to a wide network of professionals and associated companies whose know-how and expertise is constantly connected to ours: graphic designers and designers collaborate with experts working in other fields, such as computer engineering, electronics and mechanics, but also marketing and communication, statistics and architecture, and with a few brilliant university students and young graduates, whose limited professional experience is counterbalanced by their great enthusiasm and talent. Within this network, everyone's enthusiasm and energy are interconnected and used to find the most suitable solutions to your business.

Eurolit was established in 1993 by Bruno Fulgora and Alberto Ferrarini, and its mission was to support and help the publishing, economic and industrial sectors, as well as the public administration, thanks to its products and services. Over the years, Eurolit has been investing in resources and equipment and has kept developing state-of-the-art solutions. Eurolit is able to be really part of changes and turn them into reality - in real time and in a simple and widespread way: Eurolit is then a fundamental partner for everyone who knows the strategic importance of innovation.
Our efficient organization and great production flexibility. We are constantly investing in equipment and development of integrated technologies: from graphics to 3D, from traditional printing techniques to the new frontier of digital printing and the innovative and flexible indoor and outdoor communication solutions. This is why Eurolit looks at the future, is dedicated to changes and fully committed to the market. From marketing to interior design, Eurolit gives you a comprehensive and quick response to design and/or turn into reality unique products and/or services, based on the individual needs of our customers.

Everyone is always tight on time these days. This happens in your sector, as well as in ours. You are also tight on time when you need to assess the professionalism of a new partner, like we are. This is why speed, accuracy and flexibility are the fundamental principles on which our work is based. Our integrated products and services that can be discovered on the website, stem all from one principle: give a quick response to the ever more complex needs of those who work in the communication sector and look for partners to fully achieve their goals. We are aware that your work is difficult and complex, and this is why we are inviting you into this new partnership: let's try and make it simpler and simpler and as far as we are concerned we may be able to help you to do it.
Thank you for the time you spent reading this and we hope it'll be useful. Stay with us a little longer then, surf our website and discover which one of the solutions we are offering you is the most suitable to your business. Good luck with you work.

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